Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Bobbie's growing up

Bobbiesue has become a very picky eater. She will only drink milk and not really eat anything unless it is on Josh's plate he can talk her into eating. Her only foods she really eats are rice, pork, bread, applesauce, hard taco shells, and gold fish. So I decided to get her to try some pediasurea and she won't even touch it other than a sip here and there but I still trying to get her to eat.

She has been very helpful on chores this week and it is awesome. So far this week she has helped me put away laundry, put dirt in the dust pan, put away laundry, and help with dishes by putting them in the drain to dry then putting them away. I love helpful she is! I also love the fact that she is finally sleeping on her own even if it is on the couch. It is so hard to believe the difference a month makes at this age. She will be two in August and she is growing up so fast but it is so bittersweet. I miss my baby some days.

Monday, April 29, 2013

My Birthday Weekend

Well Saturday was my 26th birthday. First thing in the morning I got the whole house cleaned, and got me and Bobbie showered by 10:30. Josh was supposed to get done early but he didn't. Then Jimmy his son, called when he got done with work finally at one, needing to borrow a wrench. So we went down to Jimmy's for the day. It is 30 miles away. Josh spent basically the whole day helping him with the intrepid and getting it ready to sell. I hung out with Audrey (Jimmy's fiance) talking and helping out with the boys. We grilled out for supper at 8pm. Then we went home. When I got home I found out that I missed my dad's special happy birthday call so I called him back and we had a long talk it was awesome. My birthday mostly sucked this year though, at least Josh and Jimmy bought me a card when they went to the grocery store though.

On Sunday I woke up in an angry mood because I was pmsing. We went grocery shopping and then Josh came home and took a nap. When we woke up Bobbie took a nap. I made brunch for us while she was sleeping. It was already two in the afternoon though. When she woke up we went to Goodwill and there was nothing in my size left that was cute at all because the lady in front of me took it all. Grr! It sucks because I have nothing that fits me for this summer without it being black baggy tees that make me look like I don't care what I wear. I am trying to actually care about my appearance lately and this really bugs me. Then I came home and made pork chops and corn for supper.

Today is going to be an awesome day though, because it is the day of my little sister Michelle's baby shower. I am so excited! I am going to take Bobbie with. Me and Bobbie took out some of her summer clothes today, because it is finally really hot this week in the high 70's. We went outside and played with her ball for a half hour and now she is napping. Well I am going to go clean house now.

Friday, April 19, 2013

First off I will have to tell you about last night's sleeping well there was none or little to none. Bobbiesue had a very bad night last night. She kept on crying because she had no room to sleep on mine and Josh's bed. I can't exactly put her into her crib when it gets this late because we all share on room currently and if I did Josh would get no sleep. So onto the couch we go. She must have been having nighmares or something because she had no idea what she was doing and kept trying to roll off the couch in a crying fit. So I kept trying to sleep and watch her at the same time using my legs to block her from falling off. She finally passed out two hours later. By this time it is 1am. I have to wake up and make Josh's lunch three hours later. I get those three hours of sleep, and wake up at 3:30 am.

So I wake up and make his lunch and the first thing he asked if we have anything else because sloppy joes aren't very great for a lunch I sadly don't and had to give him it anyway because I forgot to buy lunch meat last night at the store. I didn't get lunch meat at the store because it was sleeting and I just stopped into Walgreens and got a few things because I didn't want to make too many stops with the weather being as bad as it was. There was sleet all over the roads making it very slick. So anyway back to this morning. Hubby said I make the best cookies I have ever made for him in this last batch! Total win! Sugar cookies using this recipe Then he was very sad because there were none left for his lunch because he ate them all the previous two nights. lol. He loves his cookies. Then his rideshare for work Jeremy called and said he will be late because he is stuck going 25 mph on the way here. Very scary because they have a one hour drive on the way to work. Luckily they made it there, but he left all worried.

I went back to bed at 4, and woke up at 7:45 with Bobbiesue. She then had peanut butter for breakfast, she loves to just eat it off of the spoon, and her milk. So then she takes a bath, and plays for 45 minutes. After that I clean the whole house, and shovel the steps all before 10:45 which that is never done but my grandpa is coming and it had to be done.

I am so sore now my back is killing me and I still get to do dishes, make cookies, and chase Bobbiesue. But I am so happy that today was productive so far. Have a great day!

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Sorry I haven't written in here for quite a while. I had a very busy couple of months. I have been toddler chasing a very hyper little Bobbiesue. She is so cute though so it is hard to get frustrated with her other than those two hours when she gets really grumpy right before bed. She is running and climbing everywhere now, and she actually talks really good some of the things she says are momma, daddy, milk (malk), snack (nak), happy, help me (heppy), and love.

Well Josh works at Jack links now and he really likes it. Tough hours though from 4 to 3 this in with the one hour commute both ways included. He is making pretty good money too. He likes this job a lot and actually has some buddies there. He is also in charge of some mexicans. Working with his cousin Anthony is also a bonus.

I am back in physical therapy starting today. This time it is for my mid back on the right side, and also my left knee. It is from my accident ten years ago when I got hit by a car crossing the street by Burger King traveling from my mom's house to my dad's to give him a plunger. I still don't know what ever happened to the plunger, lol. It is also partially caused by carrying Bobbiesue. I know that it will finally be out of pain for a while again so I am very excited about that.

Me and Josh just went to the races in New Richmond this last weekend and that was very fun. We had Jimmy and Audrey watch Bobbiesue, so it was just the two of us. It took us two hours to get there we went the beautiful scenic route through the hills by Wheeler. We went to the races for two hours we got to see the legends and the midget cars. I also got to meet Brandon that works with him, he is a stoner, but still cool. He was with his girlfriend there. She was pretty nice. I didn't get to meet his friend Bernie even though he promised he would be there. I got to eat a taco, a monster, fries, and a cheeseburger from the consession stand. The tacos were gross everything else was pretty good. Josh ate a taco, pretzel, a cheeseburger, and his mountain dew. We went to the races for two and a half hours. It was freezing and my feet were freezing from the walk to the arena so my feet so cold that I could no longer feel them. So we went to walmart and got socks. I got awesome black and hot pink ones. I also got Bobbiesue a cute little shirt that says for hunting all you need is a cute outfit, cute camo, and an awesome tree stand. After that we looked around town and got lost and almost went to St. Croix Falls. After that we turned around and went to Jimmy's to get Bobbiesue. When we were gone she was obsessed with his slide and refused to sleep. She is very energetic plus they pumped her up with sugar in apple juice and fruit loop form so it was to be expected. It was all good though. After we got her we went home and debated getting her a slide for at home and then decided that we didn't have the room or the money right now. Here are some pics of the cutie.

Thank you for reading this.