Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Exercise vs.Soda

I just did the Bex life beginner workout #2 and it is so amazing it got me all pumped up for the day. I actually got most of the dishes and took a shower in the three hours that Josh was at work. That never happens and add a cranky Bobbiesue and a workout it is just insanely awesome. I usually drink soda and that gets me pumped up but not this much so I am going to compare soda with excersize. With soda it actually takes energy away from you so does exercise but that is the natural way and it replenishes fast and using it helps you lost weight while soda makes you fat. If you get to much soda/ caffeine you may have trouble sleeping at night with exercise you should be able to sleep better at night there for you get your energy recharged for the next day. So exercising is way better than drinking soda.

Saturday, February 18, 2012


Today was a crazy day today. Bobbiesue is teething today and she is not a happy camper and along with this she has a cold. Poor little baby girl.All she wants to do is lay down with her toys and suck on her nook. Also I realised that she went into bearly being a size 3/6 to being a size six in a week. It is just crazy how much she grew in one we so now I am organizing her dresser for her again. I am making chicken and stuffing for my pastor's family today and I realised that I didn't have the soup to make it with and it is an essential ingredient, and Josh was already at work. I didn't know what to do so I prayed about it then I called my mom and asked her for help so she got the cans of soup and brought them to me. I love my mom so much. Now my grandpa is going to bring me a top of the line highchair he got handed down to him from a friend for us. I am so happy of all the generosity of others I am getting today. I guess what they say is true if you are helpful to others they will be helpful to you. I will leave you with a picture of my cute little girl. This was taken when she was three months it is with her geraffe her first stuffed animal ever and she will not be without it at all without crying.

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