Monday, April 29, 2013

My Birthday Weekend

Well Saturday was my 26th birthday. First thing in the morning I got the whole house cleaned, and got me and Bobbie showered by 10:30. Josh was supposed to get done early but he didn't. Then Jimmy his son, called when he got done with work finally at one, needing to borrow a wrench. So we went down to Jimmy's for the day. It is 30 miles away. Josh spent basically the whole day helping him with the intrepid and getting it ready to sell. I hung out with Audrey (Jimmy's fiance) talking and helping out with the boys. We grilled out for supper at 8pm. Then we went home. When I got home I found out that I missed my dad's special happy birthday call so I called him back and we had a long talk it was awesome. My birthday mostly sucked this year though, at least Josh and Jimmy bought me a card when they went to the grocery store though.

On Sunday I woke up in an angry mood because I was pmsing. We went grocery shopping and then Josh came home and took a nap. When we woke up Bobbie took a nap. I made brunch for us while she was sleeping. It was already two in the afternoon though. When she woke up we went to Goodwill and there was nothing in my size left that was cute at all because the lady in front of me took it all. Grr! It sucks because I have nothing that fits me for this summer without it being black baggy tees that make me look like I don't care what I wear. I am trying to actually care about my appearance lately and this really bugs me. Then I came home and made pork chops and corn for supper.

Today is going to be an awesome day though, because it is the day of my little sister Michelle's baby shower. I am so excited! I am going to take Bobbie with. Me and Bobbie took out some of her summer clothes today, because it is finally really hot this week in the high 70's. We went outside and played with her ball for a half hour and now she is napping. Well I am going to go clean house now.

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