Monday, August 17, 2015

Meal plan for August 18th- 23rd

I have not written on here because I have been super busy chasing my three and year old and one year old girls. Also there is another major thing keeping me busy. My husband got diagnosed with type 2 diabetes. I have to cook three meals a day now every day. They have to be big meals with everything balanced now. Over these last five months there have been days and nights where I struggle with meal planning but I try to keep everything fun. So today I am going to list a few ways to make things fun while cooking for a diabetic.

1.) Play with different spice combinations. Some of the ones I have done are trying different mccormick spices. I really like the bacon and molassis spices on chicken. I also really like chipotle and garlic on pork chops. There are so many different spice combinations I haven't even tried yet. I don't think I will really ever run out of new spice combinations to try.

2.) Grill out. Right now is the prime time for this one. The summer heat is still here and it is fun to chase the kids through the yard and play with them while having food on the grill. I love to grill meat on the grill while using my spice combinations.

3.) Go and get local meat or veggies. I love to go to the farmers market and buy the veggies we need for the week. Fresh onions and green peppers are my favorites. I use them for my tacos and fajitas. I also love to buy lettace, carrots, and cucumbers and add them to the onions, and green peppers and make a big salad.

We also have a local brat shop that I love to buy fresh made brats from. We normally bring them back to the house and grill them. I am sure if you looked around your community I am sure there is some kind of meat made locally there.

These are three ideas that I implement in my house. I hope that this helped you keep your meals a little more on the healthy and fun side. This is what I aim for in my house, because after working a 60 hour week my husband doesn't really deserve boring food. Some diabetics may not be able to follow this meal plan, my husband can have russet and cheesy potatoes because he works 12+ hours a day so he needs to keep his carbs up so he doesn't go too low and get sick.

M- Oven chicken with chipotle and garlic seasoning, brown rice with peppers, onions, and garlic on the side.
T- Pulled pork sandwiches with whole wheat bread, and mashed potatoes on the side
W- chicken, bacon, ranch sandwiches, on homemade french bread
TH- Pork chops w/ cheesy potatoes on the side.
F- Cheeseburgers w/ bacon, mushrooms, and local corn on the cobb
S- grilled chicken + stuffing
Su- Locally bought Louies brats, with a salad and watermelon on the side.

Apples with almond butter
Cucumbers and carrots with french onion dip
Oatmeal energy bites


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