Thursday, January 8, 2015

New Years resolutions

A new year is a new chance to accomplish goals. I really didn't do this on time but I still want to do this post so I am doing it now. Unfortunately the weather had me and my daughters sick for the last week. It has been in the negetive temps here in Wisconsin.

My goals are goals that will help my family. Some of my goals are easier to accomplish than others but they are all still very important.

My first goal is to get the dishes done every night before I go to bed. Dirty dishes sitting for a day or two has been a huge problem in my marriage. Hubby says I don't want to do them and I say I just don't have time or I am too tired. We decided that just getting them done the same night works for us, but he would buy me a bin to do them in so my leaking sink would irritate me less. Has been working great for two weeks now.

Second is to keep the house cleaner. I have been very tired the last year with the end of my pregnancy and dealing with both my three year old and ten month old not sleeping through the night so the house has been pretty dirty. Solution was hubby helped me clean it during his two week break. I just have to organise it further and keep it maintaned. It looks so much more cozy in our house with actually having less stuff and keeping it more organized. I also need to start teaching my three year old how to clean up her toys and things now. She begs to help and it is just so cute. My parents were never into organization so I would have never guessed it but I love it now.

Third is the most important and that is to spend more time with my husband. We can only raise our kids together and keep living our beautiful life together if we stay in love, and to stay in love we need to spend time together and reconnect at the end of every day. I will get his clothes for after his shower for him because I know it is one less thing he has to do at the end of a hard work day. We also do a lot of naps and cuddling if we can get the girls to take naps or the baby to take a nap and the three year old to watch a cartoon.

Love this verse. So true.

So these are my late new years resolutions? What are yours?



  1. Great goals! I definitely agree with you spending time with the hubbys after kids may be hard but not impossible. That is also one of my priorities to keep that love connection with my hubby!

    1. Sorry I didn't get back to you right away. It has been crazy busy in my house the last few days. It is awesome that spending time with your husband is one of your priorities too. That love connection is so important because if you have it you feel so much stronger to accomplish everything else in your life. Thank you for reading and replying.


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