Saturday, October 20, 2012

Wonderful Fall Day

Well I had a pretty good day today. The first thing I did this morning was started making homemade applesauce for me and Bobbiesue. I was so excited to make it since I saw this recipe by Abbie at Farmer's Daughter. It is just so good. It smells wonderful cooking in my house right now, and Bobbiesue has been eating apples all day long. I love that apples are her favorite food. I am trying to start her on eating unprocessed foods as much as I can, so she never gets used to eating them. It has been going ok. I am proud to say that at fourteen months her favorite foods are apples, bread, and milk. The other big thing that we did today was we attempted a no nap day. She had a twenty minute nap and then woke up and wouldn't go back down at her one o'clock nap. So at two when she still wouldn't sleep we decided to go outside and look for acorns and pinecones in our yard we didn't find any. She did check out the neighbor's halloween monster though. She wasn't scared of it. Then since she was getting a runny nose we went back home and played peek and boo, and with her megablocks. She is now finally taking a nap and I am so happy I can blog for a little bit because I got the house all clean while she was awake. Josh had to work late for a buddy at his work because their grandma was having heart surgery. I can't wait until I have him home for the weekend though. I miss him so much when he is at work even if it just for eight hours. Well I hope everyone has a nice weekend.
Bobbie's whisking
Posing with whisk
Eating another apple
Another pose same apple
The apples cooking so yummy


  1. Your lil one is SO adorable!! And those apples look really yummy. Makes me want to whip up a batch. I LOVE how the smell wafts through the whole house and fills every corner with the smell of cinnamon apple deliciousness when I make it. Did you make it in the oven or on the stove top? Or did you use a crock pot? That is how I do mine. :)

    1. She is pretty cute isn't she. I did it in the crock pot. Thank you for looking at my blog.

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